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So, you want to fly but don’t know how to prepare? Before stepping aboard a hot air balloon basket, it is useful to learn what happens during a hot air balloon flight and some important rules must be followed to make your flight more enjoyable. We have compiled the most common observations and wish to share some knowledge with those who are still getting ready for their first hot air balloon flight!

What to pay attention to:

  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Punctuality is key
  • Preparing mentally
  • “Clear head” while on board


Weather appropriate clothing

Even though one would think that the higher we get, the colder it will be, that is not always the case in a hot air balloon. It means that a warm summer evening on ground will be just as warm in a hot air balloon half a kilometre in the air and you should not take a winter coat with you. If you are sensitive to cold and love to wear a warm sweater in windy weather than you should also take that sweater with you on your flight. In early spring or autumn feet tend to get cold during flights and if it happens to not only be a colder but also a windier day, then you should take a wind stopper jacket and a pair of gloves with

you. One important thing to note with gloves is that cell phones tend to “slip out” of gloves – try to use gloves that have a non-slip coating on the palms.

Punctuality is key

A good flight with a hot air balloon and good weather conditions go hand in hand. The weather determines the course of the hot air balloon flight. For a successful flight we need the right wind direction for at least two hours. Furthermore, the wind cannot be too strong. It is therefore important to be at the launch site at the agreed upon time and avoid being late. Don’t be scared of arriving too early – if you get bored you can join the technical team of the hot air balloon and help fill it and get it ready for the flight – many of our customers have found this to be no less exciting than the flight itself.


Preping mentally

It is only natural to be scared of heights and if you have noticed most often you feel it when suddenly looking down from high up. That is why flying in a hot air balloon is so pleasant – we gain altitude very gently, we get over (quite often without realizing) our fears and in return receive a magnificent

birds-eye view and unforgettable emotions. We do not recommend using alcohol before the flight to help with fear… But more on that below.

“Clear head” while on board

Alcohol is one of the ways how people love to mitigate their fears, but the hot air balloon basket and intoxication (except if it comes from the breathtaking views of Latvia) are two thing that cannot be combined. Nobody will be tested on a breathalyzer, but after twenty years of flying experience we can safely say that the emotions you get from flying are much more vivid without any intoxicating substances. Smoking is not allowed in the hot air balloon basket, so we ask smokers to satisfy their needs before and after the flight.


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