Pilot Indulis Blūms

Twenty years in the business all thanks to a flight that took place in 1783.

The first hot air balloon flight took place in Paris in November of 1783. On a chilly autumn morning brothers Joseph and Étienne Montgolfier raised their first passengers in their hot air balloon basket – a sheep, a duck and a rooster. The flight was a success and before long the first people took off – two adventurers Pilâtre de Rozier and Marquis d'Arlandes may, possibly, call themselves the first hot air balloon pilots in history.The first hot air balloon flight in Latvia took place in 1804, when a Flemish aeronaut went for a flight around Riga. The first Latvians that got involved in the art of flying hot air balloons were Margarita and Ernests Vītols. Since the 19th century many hot air balloon records have been set – hours flown, flights over oceans, around the world and daredevil jumps from hot air balloons.But if records were measured in a healthy dose of humour and assuring professionalism, then Latvian pilot Indulis Blūms could be a contender for this record. Being in the business for over twenty years now, Indulis has not lost the will to further explore the industry as well as Latvia – an essential characteristic for any successful aeronaut. Indulis Blūms started his career in the sky in 1997 when a company called Airkargo started providing air logistics solutions with different aircraft. At the time there was no mention of hot air balloons in the CV of Indulis Blūms. Today the hot air balloon team has grown to two pilots and several technicians. One of the team’s best traits is many years of experience operating hot air balloons together. Thanks to this experience the team works like a well-oiled machine – effective and fast. This allows each hot air balloon flight to go off without any delay or problems.

More than twenty years of experience and the joy of flying hot air balloons began with two adventurers in France, a sheep, a duck and a rooster. A hot air balloon is an adventure and an experience, it is like a language that everyone in the whole world understands, because people all around the world love to fly.

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