Top 5 towns to fly


Sigulda could be considered the Latvian capital of hot air balloons. Even though the locals are used to seeing five or more hot air balloons flying over Sigulda on calm summer evenings, this is still a unique experience for guests of Sigulda. While flying over Sigulda we can see the valley of Gauja and the river Gauja that winds through forests and sandstone rocks. An extraordinarily picturesque view opens up to the ruins of the medieval castle of Livonian order of Sigulda and the castle of Sigulda. Sigulda is one of the rare cities where when launching from the valley of Gauja, you will be able to see the treetops seemingly follow the hot air balloon until the top of the valley and then get left behind as the hot air balloon continues to rise.



The old town of Cēsis is a unique historical place both when walking through it and when seeing it form the hot air balloon basket one kilometre in the air. The narrow old town streets seem even more narrow and more romantic. You can almost touch the church towers and the most watchful passengers can spot the border where the old town ends and modern buildings start to appear. Cēsis is a unique place, because in one evening in a hot air balloon you can fly over the whole city and land in an entirely different environment – closer to nature and enjoy the summer evening fog in one of the meadows of Gauja valley.



Legend has it that the name “Tukums” comes from the Baltic Finn language: “tukku magi”. It means “row of hills” or “pile hills”. When flying over Tukums everybody has the chance to see these hills both in the city and all around it and see for yourself the hills, that are responsible for the name “Tukums”.

Our hot air balloon team has flown in almost every town in Latvia and in each of the four regions, that is why every town has its own route and team knowledge on how to fly so the flight is most enjoyable. Tukums is definitely one of those cities!



To see Europe’s widest waterfall and the longest brick bridge in Latvia from a bird’s eye view is a unique experience, provided by our nature and a hot air balloon. Seeing the bridge, the Venta waterfall and the old town of Kuldīga, the beauty and romantic nature of Kuldīga become clear. It’s therefore no surprise that a very long time ago the residence of the Kurland Dukes was in Kuldīga. The most watchful passengers will notice some familiar sights from Latvian cinema classics – many movies nas been shot in this town!



Talsi is known as the nine hills city, that is why the challenge, even for the locals, is to count all nine hills while flying with the hot air balloon. The highest hill in Talsi is Leču hill – 83 metres high it tries to reach the hot air balloon and allows passengers to really enjoy the unique terrain of Talsi. Another hill – Tiguļu hill, allows passengers to discover its history – while flying over it, oak trees that have been planted in a circle are clearly visible, which leads to believe that was an ancient ritual spot.


The beauty of Latvia cannot be summarised in only a TOP 5 – even a two-number figure would not suffice! That is why our team flies not just over these cities but also elsewhere in Latvia. We pride ourselves in being one of the most mobile hot air balloon teams in Latvia and are able to launch from practically any place. Anyone who wants to lift of with us has just one important question to answer – where are we going to fly? The rest will be taken care of by pilot Indulis Blūms and his team.