Classic balloon flight

  • Your preferable date and time (account for weather conditions)
  • Transfer to meeting point by private car
  • Fly with your family and friends. The basket fits up to 8 people.
  • The flight can be bought as a gift voucher that anyone can print out.

If you want to fly, then this is an offer for you – get in touch with the pilot and together we will decide where, when and at what time to fly. The classic flight means that we form a group of passengers and as soon as the weather is fine the pilot will offer a location and time for a flight, that will work for each passenger.

Included* in the price:

  • Flight planning and transporting the hot air balloon to the launch location
  • An experienced pilot with the necessary qualifications and licences for the flight and hot air balloon
  • Transportation – transfer for clients from the landing spot back to the start location
  • Personalised flight certificate
  • Ritual for the aviation gods
  • Participate in the setting up of the balloon (optional)

*Additional transportation costs are applied to the standard price, meaning the end price could be higher depending on the chosen launch location.

€ 150.00 € 150.00
For Per passenger
Do you want to fly on a weekend
Choose your preferred place for flying
Specify the number of passengers
Total € 150.00