Flying at events

  • Your preferable date and time (account for weather conditions)
  • Transfer to meeting point by private car
  • Several balloons can be employed
  • The flight can be bought as a gift voucher that anyone can print out.

Is it possible for 100 people to fly in one evening? Yes! For large corporate events or large groups of people we offer tethered flights for hours! That means that the hot air balloon gets tethered with a more than 50 metres long rope and passengers can lift off and land as many times as they wish! Typically - 40 to 50 people per hour can experience how it is like to  be onboard a tethered flight.   

Includes* :

  • Flight planning and transporting the hot air balloon to the launch location
  • An experienced pilot with the necessary qualifications and licences for the flight and hot air balloon
  • Transportation – transfer for clients from the landing spot back to the start location
  • Personalised flight certificate
  • Ritual for the aviation gods

*Additional transportation costs are applied to the standard price, meaning the end price could be higher depending on the chosen launch location.

€ 1500.00
For 10 messages.passengers
Do you want to fly on a weekend
Choose your preferred place for flying
Specify the number of passengers
Total € 1500.00